Our Guarantee

Only the most qualified, trustworthy sellers are part of our vast network. We guarantee that your tickets will be legitimate, arrive in time for the event, be the exact tickets you ordered or comparable alternatives, and be completely refunded if the event is cancelled. If your experience falls short of these expectations, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee.

All the tickets sold on Premierseats.com are guaranteed to be authentic tickets and valid for entry to the event. Customers should contact their ticket seller ASAP if there is any problem using their tickets at the venue. Customers need to provide evidence of invalidity from the venue in those cases when a ticketing issue is not resolved. Premierseats.com requires this evidence in order to obtain a refund from the ticket seller who supplied the order. The evidence could range from a letter from the venue or even a simple email identifiably from venue personnel that verifies there was a problem scanning the tickets.

Premierseats.com expects the sellers who list tickets on our marketplace to provide the seating they advertise, or else provide equal or superior seating. Sellers are expected to contact customers proactively to confirm any significant seating changes with rehard to the initial section and row of a ticket order. Customers should contact Premierseats.com ASAP if they are unhappy with any alternate tickets, and we will investigate the issue for the customer in order to reach an amicable conclusion.

All deliveries are made to the address provided by the customer during checkout. We guarantee that the tickets will be shipped to the customer in sufficient time so that at least one delivery attempt is made before the event occurs. Please note that the customer is personally responsible for being available to receive the ticket package when a delivery attempt is made. Premierseats.com will coordinate with the ticket seller for compensation in those cases when tickets aren't shipped or delivered in time for customers to access them for the event.

If the event is permenantly cancelled, Premierseats.com will coordinate with the selling broker to provide a full refund of the ticket order to the customer, excluding delivery fees. Please note that the ticket seller may require the customer to return hard-stock tickets before issuing a refund so please hold onto your physical tickets just in case.

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